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Can-you-install-a-ceiling-fan-on-a-slanted-ceiling, ceiling fans: installing fans to slanted ceilings learn how to mount a ceiling fan if your ceiling is slanted. ceiling fans that are installed in your home will greatly depend on your ceiling height and orientation. it’s a good idea to install your ceiling fan a minimum of 7 feet from the floor to avoid any hazardous situations.. Ceiling fans are designed to hang off level surfaces. this presents a problem when you have a sloped ceiling, such as a cathedral ceiling. installing a ceiling fan on a sloped ceiling requires a few special parts, which you can find at your home improvement store., install the ball from a ceiling fan swivel mount to the end of a downrod of the correct length for your ceiling's pitch and blade diameter (see resources). insert the end of the downrod through the....

If your ceiling is steeper than 34 degrees, then you will need a special ceiling canopy instead of the one that came with your new fan. failure to get one would cause the fan to not install properly on the steep ceiling. your local home depot store carries cathedral ceiling canopy kits, like the one shown below., the only ceiling fan that you cannot mount to a vaulted ceiling is called a low profile or snug to the ceiling, any fan with a down rod will mount to a vaulted ceiling..

Ceiling fans on angled / sloped / vaulted ceilings. in order to install your ceiling fan on an angled ceiling, you will need to purchase a longer downrod (sold separately).depending on the angle of the ceiling and your fan type, you may also need an angled ceiling mount adapter.. first, make sure your ceiling fan can be installed on angled ceilings., family handyman. feed the fan brace up into the hole, rest the flat edge of the feet against the ceiling and center the shaft over the hole. if your ceiling is more than 1/2 in. thick, as ours was, rotate the feet and position the rod the depth of the box from the ceiling..

When you are installing a ceiling fan on any angled ceiling, you will need a long downrod, or a ceiling fan extender. most ceiling fan manufacturers include a short downrod in the box, but to install a ceiling fan safely on a vaulted or cathedral ceiling you will need to have a total downrod length of at least 12 inches.