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Can-i-use-a-heat-lamp-bulb-in-regular-socket, if the socket matches the bulb, and the voltage rating of the bulb is the same as the heat lamp, probably so.. Aplstar black e26/ e27 light sockets, retro edison lamp holder with e26 medium screw, 200℃ heat resistant standard screw-in lamp socket for vintage edison bulbs pendant lamp (8pack), this site might help you. re: can you take out a regular light bulb and put in a heat lamp like you see in hotels and just screw it in? i wanted to know if you could take out a regular light bulb and screw in one of those red heat lamps that you see in hotels that work off the timer. just want something to put a touch of heat in bathroom during showers and things like that..

That depends. most sockets have a rating tag and the most common one on most overhead and/or table lamps is 60 watt these days. most heat lamps are more than that, and because of the extra heat they are designed to put out should be put in appropriate porcelin sockets of the proper rating, and with a reflector to direct the heat away from the wiring in the back of the socket., if you don't mind me asking, why do you want to put an infrared heat bulb into a desk lamp anyway? i work at an animal rescue centre and we use those infrared and standard 250w heat bulbs a lot, and believe me they get extremely hot, we use special heat lamps to hold the bulbs as these use ceramic fittings and heat resistant fittings so they don't cause any damage..

As everyone else has said, an led bulb will not replace a heat lamp because it does not produce the high levels of ir that produce the feeling of radiant heat. even if you find an ir emitting led, it is not intended to produce enough ir to be felt..., good afternoon all, joseph here today to talk about the type of light bulb that gets a lot of use this time of year...the heat lamp light bulb..

The lamp will work just fine. if it has old wires that used to heat up with that 100w incandescent bulb that you once used, that won’t happen anymore… so there should be less chance of anything catastrophic. you also won’t be unpleasantly surprise..., bar basics: 12 bottles any bar should havegin. lots of people think they don't like gin. rum (light) essential for mojitos and daiquiris, or just mixing with pineapple juice when you're feeling lazy.rum (dark) rich and molasses-y. 4 & 5. tequila (silver & gold) bourbon. ahh, bourbon, my old friend. rye whiskey. 8 & 9. absinthe.