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Can-i-install-a-ceiling-fan-in-my-apartment, install a ceiling fan in your apartment to cool your space or warm it up. it is cost-effective, long-lasting and hassle-free. even better is the fact that a ceiling fan can be installed even in a small room.. The simple answer is yes. as long as the ceiling fixture is capable of supporting the weight of the ceiling fan, you can receive the many benefits that owning one can provide. in reality, the answer is more complicated. a ceiling fan can help you warm up your space or cool it down, but you’ll need to review your lease first., live in an apartment and want a ceiling fan ?well most likely you can, there may be some more restrictions than in your average home, but we have a whole lot of tips and options to potentially make it work!.

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A ceiling fan should have a metal box that is firmly and properly attached to ceiling joists or to extendable/telescoping arms that can be screwed into joists. if there is crawl space access that..., it depends on the installation you have in mind. i want to renovate and install a bathroom ventilation fan in my apartment, but i'm not sure if it would violate any building codes.. Should i consider my tenant request? this is a new family just moved in and ask me to allow to place his own fans and when move out the fan will be replaced and leave ceiling in the same condition, i just moved into my first home and the light fixture in the water closet broke. i replaced the fixture with a new one, but the light only flashes on, then turns off.