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Bearded-dragon-night-heat-lamp-wattage, how hot should my bearded dragon’s basking spot be? your bearded dragon’s basking spot is crucial to their health because it helps stimulate their appetite, helps them absorb calcium, heat their body, and basically perform a ton of other vital functions.. as such, it is important to make sure their basking spot is the right temperature as this will directly affect their health.. Check prices. evergreen pet supplies 100 watt uva uvb mercury vapor lamp. this evergreen pet supplies self-ballasted mercury lamp is an excellent basking lamp choice for your bearded dragons and other pets like the iguanas, chameleons, pythons, turtles, tortoise, geckos, frogs, toads and so on., in this complete bearded dragon heating and lighting guide, you will find all about best uvb and basking bulbs, wattages, setup, essentials, lighiting and heating schedules..

Bulb placement. bulb placement is a little more complicated than simply mounting the light fixture anywhere on the top of your tank. as a result, improper bulb placement is one of the most common mistakes made by first-time bearded dragon owners., nighttime temperatures. the nighttime temperatures should drop to 72°f (32°c) to 80°f (26°c) within the enclosure. if the temperatures drop below this after turning the heat and light sources off at night, you may need to use a heating device that does not emit light to supplement heat.. the bright light from a daytime bulb will disturb the bearded dragon’s sleeping patterns..

Question: “i just got a bearded dragon for a pet. he is one year old. i have a heat lamp on during the day, but i’m wondering if i need to run it at night also. does a bearded dragon need heat at night?”, does a bearded dragon need a night time heat source? the simple answer to that question is, it depends how warm your house is. a reptile like a bearded dragon – which is native to the baking hot aussie ‘bush’ – worships the sun during the day..

Basking spot lamps are generally incandescent light bulbs that produce heat and light specifically made for reptiles. they came in many different shapes, wattages, and applications. there are mercury vapor bulbs which produce both heat and uv lighting. mercury vapor bulbs come with a screw-on base like the basking spot lamps.