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Are-ceiling-fans-dangerous, ceiling fans are safe in general. however, there are some precautions which need to be taken to ensure safety. here are the common installation mistakes which often lead to accidents. floor to ceiling distance. Ceiling fans cool down a room, they use less electricity than an ac and they add a touch of sophistication to any room – choosing to use them seems like a no-brainer. however, ceiling fan installation is deceptively difficult and there are many hidden dangers that you could encounter in attempting a diy job., don't play around with ceiling fans. the incredible ibex defies gravity and climbs a dam | forces of nature with brian cox - bbc - duration: 3:53. bbc recommended for you.

If it was a metal bladed fan running on high in reverse (i.e. pulling air up instead of pushing it down) it'd be pretty damn dangerous. i'd say your parents were just trying to make sure you weren't screwing with the fan. level 1, i was recently at menard's picking up some supplies and seen a recall for 2 different brands of ceiling fans due to faulty mounting brackets. so they have the potential for falling. check the....

Alternative interpretation.... the babies dies of sids (sudden infant death syndrom) and in addition 95% of people have ceiling fans so, as expected, about 95% of the babies who died in their sleep had ceiling fans. blaming the fans is mixing causation and correlation. august 2012edited august 2012 0·reply·share, on the other hand, avoiding the breeze of your ceiling fan while you sleep is unavoidable. while these are some very legitimate issues that sleeping with the fan on may cause, they aren’t guaranteed to affect you. and if you’re anything like me, they certainly aren’t reason enough to try and sleep without that beloved breeze from my fan.