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Anest-iwata-infrared-lamps, infrared units provide a cost effective method of paint drying and curing can be achieved in just minutes, using the highly effective short wave infrared lamp. anest iwata infrared units are available in a number of options allowing you to choose the most convenient model for your bodyshop. heat t.e.c. hl 1000 infrared drying unit. Anest iwata 1.5kw 750mm wide infrared lamp unit with stand. marlow paint supplies ltd. goods will not be left without a signiture., anest iwata distributes painting equipment, manual and automatic spray guns, air compressors, and other accessories to us, mexico and canada..

Important thank you for choosing the anest iwata infrared paint dryer. follow the assembly instructions outlined in this instruction man-ual. to ensure safe use and correct maintenance, anest iwata infrared paint dryers must only be used by adequately trained, 3 assembly instructions for hand held and static paint drying systems the hand held viu-100000 unit has been packed with a separate handle ready for attachment to the body. the handle should be attached to the main unit by means of the bolt supplied, ensuring the spacer. 752185-6432,64118530,64118530,victory 64118530,victory 64118530 ir single tube lamp,victory 64118530 heat lamp,victory 64118530 heat bulb,victory 64118530 irradiator,victory 64118530 quartz emitter,victory 64118530 infrarotstrahler,victory 64118530 lampes, 1kw spray baking booth infrared paint curing lamp heating light heater w/ stand. shortwave infrared heating tubes we equipped apply german technology and are approved byinternational special light source laboratory, attaining long service life of more than 8000 hours..

Anest iwata is a leading manufacturer of engineered solutions for air compressors, vacuum pumps, spray and finishing equipment. while providing oil free air compressors into a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage, research & development and industrial, anest iwata is also one of the leading producers of sprayguns, with a majority share in their home market of high-end ..., we are dedicated to providing body shops and hobbyists with tools and equipment from the most trusted brands in the collision repair and automotive industries..

Iwata 4.5kw heat t.e.c. infrared unit (distance sensor and temperature sensor optional, single or three phase) found it cheaper? we’ll beat it convincingly