McDonald’s brings back their Sweet Mustard Dipping Sauce and people are overjoyed

IF PEOPLE have launched a petition to bring back a menu item, you know it must be seriously beloved.

Anthony Vallelonga was so enamoured with McDonald’s Sweet Mustard Dipping Sauce that he launched a petition almost a year ago to get the fast food eatery to bring the condiment back.

“Sweet mustard sauce is a necessity for 6 pack of chicken nuggets,” he wrote, in his empassioned plea online.

“McDonald’s Australia need to bring back the sweet elixir of mustard sauce. Future generations will never understand the beauty of sweet mustard sauce and live life never knowing it’s (sic) greatness.

“If we want our kids to live happy and prosperous lives. They need sweet mustard sauce.”

The petition got 635 supporters.

In an open letter to the corporation on that page, the administrator suggested there was some kind of hostage situation with the recipe:

“If you are not going to bring back the sweet mustard sauce, why not release the recipe to us then?” the poster raged.

“Look at all these disappointed customers. How could it cost you that much just to keep sweet mustard sauce in stock . Why can’t you just bring it back ?! Or release the recipe!”

Well, the prayers of these nugget-lovin’ Australians were answered yesterday when it was announced that McDonald’s would be bringing back the lurid yellow condiment permanently.

The Sweet Mustard Dipping Sauce has an enthusiastic fan base.

The Sweet Mustard Dipping Sauce has an enthusiastic fan base.Source:Supplied

And, as if it wasn’t hard enough choosing what to order during those high-pressure moments at the Macca’s drive-through, the burger chain added yet another burger to make the job even harder.

The Big Mac BLT went on sale yesterday.

A new Big Mac to wrap your laughing gear around

A new Big Mac to wrap your laughing gear aroundSource:Supplied

“To help customers go full summer as the temperature rises, we’re pairing our iconic Big Mac with an Aussie favourite — the BLT — to serve up one of our classics with a twist,” explains Jo Feeney, director of marketing for McDonald’s Australia.

“The Big Mac BLT is a Big Mac just as our customers know it, with the addition of fresh tomatoes and tasty bacon.

“We know Australians love to try new takes on our classic menu items and I’m sure the Big Mac BLT is going to be a hit. It’s definitely going to be a favourite of mine this summer.”

The Big Mac BLT will be on the menu for summer only.

Both items are available in-store and via UberEATS.

To finish this story, because frankly there aren’t many words, here is a selection of excellent drive-through related gifs: