Entry Level Robotic Vacuum Cleaners


If you are looking for an entry level robotic vacuum cleaner, then you don’t need to look any further than the P3 International P4920. It is a stripped down version that doesn’t have as many features as the higher end models, but still gets the job done, and at a very reasonable price. These robotic vacuums can usually be purchased for less than one hundred dollars, which makes them affordable to almost any household.

Although it is an entry level cleaner, the P3 International model is still going to be a big step up from your manual cleaner. It can clean any type of floor such as wood, tile or carpet with ease. It moves around on its own while cleaning, as any robotic vacuum does, and it is smart enough to be able to get itself out of tight spaces.

One of the best things about this vacuum cleaner is that it is almost silent while it is operating. Nobody wants a loud sucking monster moving about their house, which makes this little cleaner perfect for even the quietest homes.

Unfortunately, one of the major down sides to this model is that it doesn’t include sensors that will stop it from falling down the stairs if you have it on the top floor of your home. This will make it unusable for anybody who does want to use it upstairs, but you can easily get around this downfall. By placing something in its way at the top of your stairs, such as a baby gate, you can prevent it from falling and becoming damaged.

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