Apple iPad Pro 10.5 review: Tyrion Lannister of computing

If you’ve seen Game of Thrones, which I’m sure you have, you must love the little imp, or as he’s called Tyrion Lannister, the brother of both Cersei and Jaime Lannister. He is a pocket-sized leviathan — a tactical genius, the resourceful little man who punches above his weight. Apple’s new 10.5-inch iPad Pro is in more ways than one like Tyrion, punching way above its weight class and being innately resourceful. Apple’s magical little pad is so powerful and portable these days that it will make you think twice before you actually buy a laptop. Ever since it has arrived it has more or less become my primary computer. It is magnificent but it also costs a lot something reserved for royalty, but then again that’s what Tyrion Lannister is – royalty. Apple’s gadget is the modern-day equivalent of Tyrion Lannister in terms of computing. Let me explain this in far greater detail.

The Good

Apple’s new iPad Pro is a magnificent beast. Firstly, Apple has managed to fit in a larger screen in a smaller package, much like Tyrion Lannister, if you know what I’m alluding to. Jokes apart this is a nice screen which is pin sharp, super bright, supports HDR video and well just superlative in a form that makes one feel it more like an iPad Mini than a Pro. The compactness adds to the convenience of the package which means it is more fun to use.

The iPad has always been a powerful gadget but this time around it is insanely fast with computational power embedded in its svelte frame that would put most notebooks to shame. The diminutive Lannister is also pretty deceptive this way. The iPad Pro is able to do things that wouldn’t imagine a product of its shape,size, and operating system type would be able to do. That’s because the new iOS 11 update makes it more Mac OS like. You get a dock on the bottom, you can drag and drop files between two windows, there is a snap view for up to three apps and you can even move media with your fingers seamlessly.

Its core apps have also been updated which is now quite formidable. The mail app, for instance, is a good example, while on the Safari browser things are also quite fluid which makes it a great hub to enjoy the internet on. The apps that are built for this thing like the Affinity photo editor, Adobe Lightroom, and even some video editing apps make this a great all-round computing product for most people who have lightweight prosumer needs.

For creative professionals, when used in tandem with the Apple Pencil and the Apple Keyboard it works with great versatility. Yeah, that’s another trait Tyrion Lannister is known for.

It still doesn’t work with a mouse but Apple has gone to pains to ensure that you don’t miss one. That being said, it is not perfect and that’s something one can also say about Tyrion.

One of the things that it does very well is last very long with hefty use, another trait that it shares with the estranged brother of Queen Cersei and Jamie Lannister. It can run circles around most laptops with its 10-hour long battery life.You can watch movies all day on Netflix on this thing which you will, considering the super screen and the freaking loud and clear quad speakers.

To add the icing on the cake it has the same camera system as the iPhone 7 on the front and back and it plugs into this great ecosystem of Apple accessories.

The Bad

Like Tyrion, one can say the only real bad thing about the iPad Pro 10.5 is that its size makes things difficult for it from the get go. For hardcore professional work, it isn’t well suited, just like Tyrion can’t be a warrior on the battlefield.

Its diminutive size also makes many people scoff and underestimate it at its capabilities something Tyrion and the iPad have battled through all their life.

And lastly, it is prohibitively expensive for someone looking for a basic computing device. Its use case is, particularly niche.

Should you buy it?

I think everyone needs a Tyrion Lannister in their life – he’s fun, whip-smart, and deceptively useful and powerful. That’s exactly what the iPad Pro 10.5 is to me, fun, whip-smart with a wealth of hardcore apps, and deceptively useful and powerful with the processing and platform level updates Apple has made to both the hardware and software. It is expensive though, but that’s what you pay for Tyrion Lannister like royalty because you can count on the iPad Pro to repay its debt just like the diminutive Lannister.