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Scientist who claims playing the didgeridoo can stop snoring wins Ig Nobel award

Scientists taking on the deep questions of whether cats are liquid or solid, how holding a crocodile

U.S., Russian Crew Transfer to Space Station After Soyuz Flight

The Soyuz MS-06 spacecraft carrying the crew of Joe Acaba and Mark Vande Hei of the U.S.,

Correction: Galapagos-Extinct Turtle Story

This photo released by Galapagos National Park on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2017 shows a turtle with genes

Cassini: Probe incinerates on entry to Saturn

The American-led Cassini space mission to Saturn has just come to a spectacular end. Controllers had commanded

Mars Research Subjects to Emerge After 8 Months of Isolation

In this 2017 photo released by the University of Hawaii crew members of Mission V, walk up

Snow leopard no longer ‘endangered’

Has the chilling threat of extinction worn off at last for the long-endangered snow leopard? Not exactly

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Can Lexus recapture the spirit of ’89?

SAN FRANCISCO — Lexus has a soft spot for its LS flagship sedan even though cars are on the outs and crossovers are all the rage. The original LS established the brand in the U.S. and was a runaway hit, changing

Damsons, quince and sloes: hedgerow heroes for a bittersweet summer finale

I was recently in a state of shock when looking at the calendar. Nearly the end of September? How can it be? This year has flown by far quicker than I could have imagined, and these last few months of work on ARAN Bakery have surely contributed