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72 unseen galaxies found hiding in plain sight

Astronomers have found 72 potential galaxies hiding in plain sight inside a vast patch of the sky

Scorching-hot alien planet may have Earth-like atmosphere

A planet circling a star in the constellation Cancer might have an atmosphere similar to Earth’s, but

Proof of Julius Caesar’s UK invasion found

The Roman invasion of Britain signified an empire at its peak. Now, archaeologists believe they’ve identified the

Scientists call for global glitter ban to save environment

Environmental scientists have urged glitter to be banned worldwide due to the damage the art supplies does

Ancient helmet-wearing wormy creature was covered in ‘cocktail sticks’

About 515 million years ago, a tiny sea critter that was “strange beyond measure” wasn’t taking any

Solar eclipse, crashing spacecraft, volcanoes and more: Biggest science stories of 2017

The biggest science event of 2017 was the incredible solar eclipse that captivated millions of Americans on

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